Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Calling Game Artists!

Both audio and visual artists wanted.

Yes, this is actually just a call to arms, not a full on blog post. So here's the deal, I want to write a game for the Android platform, something that I have yet to see. It's an idea I have been playing with that's a fantasy TCG and RPG game, yes, both types combined into one solid game with an in depth story and top notch gameplay. Pretty much a game that I would want to pay for, and I see many others asking if such a game exists so there is a market for it.

Those who contribute will get an equal share of ownership, that means your work is still under your control and should the game garner any profits in the future you will receive an equal share of it. But this offer only extends to those who work on this from the beginning. After that initial beginning any new contributors will be handled on an individual basis.

I am not doing this for profit, it's just my own project, however the potential for profit is unlimited as the game will be easily expandable, offering some pay-for content in the future. It's a great opportunity for beginning visual and audio artists looking to hone their skills and gain notoriety with a chance to even earn some money, though no promises on the money at this time.

    GUI graphics designer for icons.
    3D model designer for in game elements.
    Music score artist for in background music.

Styles include fantasy and war.

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